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Jackson Leonard J Mouldycliff

 Graduated BA(Hons) 1st Class, Music and Sound for Image

(University of Huddersfield)



Personal Profile


I am a composer, audiovisual artist and aspiring filmmaker with a background in Classical, Jazz and experimental electronic music. I compose music to be played by live ensembles and solo performers as well as realistic mockups using sophisticated orchestral sample libraries. However, my particular fascination lies in the creation of unique sonic textures and soundscapes, using a combination of ‘found sound’ and electronic processing mixed with both real and processed orchestral instruments. 




Music and Sound for Image BA(Hons)

University of Huddersfield (Sept. 2015 – July. 2019)


First Year Modules:                             Second Year Modules:                              Third Year Modules: 

Computer Composition 1 - [A]     Music for the Moving Image B - [A]            Applied Final Project – [A]

Audio Vision in Context - [A]        Sound for Image A - [A]                                Computer Composition 3 – [A]

Stylistic Composition - [A]             Composing Music for Film A - [A]            Advanced Composition – [A]

Composition 1 - [B]                          Composition 2 - [B]                                      Music in the 21stCentaury – [A]

Introduction to analysis - [B]          Computer Composition 2 - [B]                  Researching music, technology and

Recording 1 – [C]                              Orchestration 1 - [C]                                   Performance– [A]


A Levels

Canon Slade Sixth Form (2013 –2015)


Music [C]                Music Technology [C]              History [C]                  EPQ [B]



Canon Slade School (2008 – 2013)

  • Achieved 11 GCSEs grades A* – C including English [A] Maths [B]




  • Organized and set up an audiovisual installation (St. Paul’s Church) 2016

  • Collaborated in a project to make an album of improvised music (Dead Mountaineers Club) 2015 – 2018

  • Organized a collaborative audiovisual installation alongside two Manchester-based artists at the Globe Arts Centre (Slaithewaite) Jan – Feb 2019


Key Skills


  • Logic Pro X

  • Sibelius 7

  • ABRSM Piano (Grade 6)

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • ABRSM Music Theory (Grade 5)


Relevant Experience


IC Studios London(Summer 2014, 2016 & Feb. 2018)

Work shadowing Colin Potter

  • Worked creatively to help produce an album for RPM (Keith Rowe, Colin Potter, Phil Mouldycliff)

  • I collaborated in the mixing/ mastering process for the album

  • Helped to solve technical problems in the studio


Apo33 – Sonic Arts Lab (April 2018)

One month Internship

  • Working as part of a team in setting up for live performances, exhibitions and installations

  • Personal assistant to visiting artists (Taku Sugimoto & Minami Saeki)


High Lawn Primary School (2018)

Volunteer Teaching Assistant

  • Working alongside other members of staff to provide support and an inclusive environment for children with learning disabilities

  • Assisting with the children’s reading activities and engaging them in discussion about the story and themes of their chosen books

  • Working creatively alongside the pupils to make props and design sets for the end of year drama production.


Interests & Activities


I have a wide interest in music from different styles including Duke Ellington, Phillip Glass, Conlon Nancarrow, Moondog, The Buena Vista Social Club, Led Zeppelin and James Brown, amongst others. I also enjoy listening to live music and I regularly attend concerts performed by the Bolton Symphony Orchestra as well as the annual Jazz festival in Marsden. As an extension to this, I also enjoy performance-based art such as theatre, contemporary opera and art installations.


Alongside my interest in music, I enjoy engaging film and film analysis through the medium of online video essays. Some of my personal favourite directors include Sergio Leone, Akira Kurosawa, Andrei Tarkovsky, Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright. 


I am also a keen swimmer and cyclist and have achieved both my Gold Swimming and Gold life-saving awards.




Academic Referee                                                      work Referee

Stewart Worthy                                                                  Colin Potter

Course Leader                                                                    ICR Studios - London

University of Huddersfield                                       473030)

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