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Who is Jackson Mouldycliff?

Well, I'm flattered you're interested enough to find out... My name is Jackson Leonard James Mouldycliff (yes, that is my given name) and I am a composer, sound designer, audiovisual artist, and itinerant noise-maker based in the North West of the UK. Since September 2014 I have been involved in the creation of compositions for a wide range of mediums including experimental video work, documentary sound design, live multi-media installations and more conventional film scoring to name but a few.


My music often defies traditional genre conventions, choosing instead to borrow from a multitude of styles including Ambient Electronic, Contemporary Classical, Minimalism, Jazz, Funk, Folk, Non-Western traditional music, to name but a few. Sometimes it can even be difficult to categorise what I do as "music" as I often integrate art, film and graphic design into my practice to create multimedia experiences that are far greater than the sum of their parts.


Feel free to take some time and explore the rest of my site and hopefully discover a little be more about me and my work. Thanks for stopping by!  


Showreel 2021

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